NuPrime Extended Warranty

  1. These terms and conditions apply to the extension (“Extended Warranty”) of the limited warranty (“Limited Warranty”) from Nuprime Audio, Inc. (“Nuprime”) for certain Nuprime equipment (“Equipment”) purchased from an authorised dealer of Nuprime worldwide. Throughout this document, “NUOEM” refers to who administers the Extended Warranty.
  2. The Extended Warranty is valid for the period (“Extended Warranty Period”) as specified in the Extended Warranty receipt issued by Nuprime (“Confirmation”) commencing the day after the expiry of the Limited Warranty.
  3. Extended Warranty is transferable only if the purchaser informs Nuprime through NUOEM.
  4. The Warranty Card is invalid unless it is (a) not defaced or altered.
  5. The Extended Warranty purchase receipt from must be presented at Nuprime’s request when requesting warranty services.
  6. The Extended Warranty covers defects in material and workmanship encountered under normal use and installation of the Equipment, subject to these terms and conditions. The defective Equipment or parts thereof covered under the Extended Warranty will be repaired or replaced (with comparable and/or refurbished equipment or parts) as determined by Nuprime in its sole discretion. Any Equipment or part thereof replaced shall become the property of Nuprime.
  7. Any delivery and other incidental charges and charges for services beyond the scope of Extended Warranty shall be borne by the Purchaser.
  8. Extended Warranty does not cover:
    • Loss or damage to Equipment arising from or in connection with (i) abuse, tampering modification and/or disassembling other than by Nuprime authorised personnel; (ii) negligent use and/or misuse (including improper storage, exposure to moisture, excessive temperature, sand, dust, dirt, other pollution or other environmental conditions and failure to follow recommended precautions and operating instructions); (iii) fire, flood, lightning, strike or other acts of God; (iv) defective consumable items such as battery leakage; and (v) accidental damage.
    • Loss or damage to Equipment arising from or in connection with the malfunction of, connection to and/or use of parts, accessories and consumables not authorised or recommended by Nuprime (including re-conditioned, tampered, re-used and/or non-genuine Nuprime parts, accessories and consumables). In such event, Nuprime reserves the right to terminate the Extended Warranty immediately.
    • Consumable items, accessories and optional items (eg. battery, battery pack, battery charger, power adapter, cable, software, CF/SD storage card, AC adapter and carrying case).
    • Software supplied with the Equipment.
    • Non-Nuprime products, software and peripherals supplied and/or used in connection with the Equipment.
    • Equipment with its serial number removed, defaced or altered.
  9. All decisions by Nuprime in respect of Extended Warranty (including repairs, replacements or issues relating to defects of workmanship or materials) shall be conclusive and binding on the Purchaser.
  10. To the extent allowed by applicable laws, no implied warranty (including that of satisfactory quality or fitness for a particular purpose) applies to the Equipment after the expiry of the Limited Warranty. The remedies in the Limited Warranty and Extended Warranty are the Purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedies. Nuprime shall not be liable for loss of data or any incidental, indirect, special or consequential damages (including loss of benefits or profits) arising from or in connection with the Equipment, whether based on contract, tort or otherwise.
  11. Nothing in these terms and conditions or otherwise arising from or in connection with Extended Warranty shall be deemed or construed to be a policy of insurance between Nuprime and the customer.
  12. Extended Warranty including these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of USA.

Place Of Service

If you purchased the product in the U.S., deliver the product, at your expense, to any NuPrime Service Center located in the U.S. If you purchased the product outside of the U.S., deliver the product to any NuPrime Authorized Importer in the country where you purchased the product.            Be aware, however, that not all countries have NuPrime Authorized Service Providers (‘NASP’) and not all Authorized Service Providers outside the country of purchase have all parts or replacement units for the product.

If the product cannot be repaired or replaced in the country it is in, it may need to be sent to a different country or returned to the country of purchase at your expense for repair or replacement. If you seek service in a country that is not the country of original purchase, you will comply with all applicable import and export laws and regulations and be responsible for all custom duties, V.A.T. and other associated taxes and charges. Where international service is available, NuPrime may repair or exchange defective products and parts with comparable products and parts that comply with local standards. You can always deliver the product to NuPrime’s Taiwan main service center for obtaining warranty service, however, you may have to pay for return shipping cost.

NuPrime may send you user-installable new or refurbished replacement product or parts to enable you to service or exchange your own product (“DIY Service”). Upon receipt of the replacement product or part, the original product or part becomes the property of NuPrime and you agree to follow instructions, including, if required, arranging the return of original product or part to NuPrime in a timely manner. When providing DIY Service requiring the return of the original product or part, NuPrime may require a credit card authorization as security for the retail price of the replacement product or part and applicable shipping costs. If you follow instructions, NuPrime will cancel the credit card authorization, so you will not be charged for the product or part and shipping costs. If you fail to return the replaced product or part as instructed, NuPrime will charge the credit card for the authorized amount.

Unable To Repair

If We determine that We are unable to repair Your Product due to the unavailability of functional parts, service or technical information, or if the cost to repair will exceed the Limit of Liability as described herein, the total liability owed to You under this Contract will be the lesser of (I) the current market value of a Product of comparable specifications; or, (II) the retail price paid for Your Product minus sales tax and claims paid, in lieu of service repairs or replacement of a Product of comparable specifications. In all cases where parts or technical information are on extended backorder for a minimum of sixty (60) calendar days, We will determine if a replacement or reimbursement will be made. All contractual obligations are fulfilled, in lieu of repairs, upon Product replacement, reimbursement or Contract term expiration and the covered Product becomes the property of the Administrator and We may, at Our discretion, require the Product to be returned to Us (or Our designee) at Our expense.

Cancellation And Refund

You may cancel this Contract at any time for any reason by contacting the NUOEM. If You cancel this Contract within 30 (60) days of the date purchased, You will receive a refund of the full purchase price less any claims. If You cancel this Contract thereafter, You will be refunded the remaining days of coverage on a monthly prorated basis, less costs for service performed (if applicable).

We may not cancel this Contract except for fraud, material misrepresentation or non-payment by You. Notice of such cancellation will be in writing and given at least thirty (30) days prior to cancellation. If We cancel, You will receive a pro-rata refund on full purchase price paid based on the time remaining on Your Contract.